Elegy for Amy

13w4d December 18, 2012

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We’re calling this week the March to the Cerclage. I am a nervous wreck. Funny, because before I was nervous about getting the cerclage, but ever since last week, when they said hey, your cervix isn’t really firm like it should be, I just want it done. Now. Every twinge, every ache, every cramp, every trip to the bathroom sends me into a tailspin. I have dreams all night about preterm labor. I’m horizontal any time I can be. If I could, I’d go check myself into the hospital right now until they do the deed. I just want it done, over with. To be on the other side of it, thinking all the positive thoughts for NewBaby and happily ticking off the weeks that get us closer and closer to a happy ending.


One Response to “13w4d”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Still here and still reading. I can tell you this that my recovery after the cerclage was pretty easy. Not much bleeding and not any pain or anything significant. I cried when the anesthesiologist came in to tell me the laundry list of things that she has to say to every patient. My husband was there to reassure me that those things had to be said (even though I know that but I guess hearing it again was helpful). However, that was the only moment that threw me into a bit of a tailspin. The surgery was quick and I was awake before I knew it. My baby girl did great throughout. So, anyway, the cerclage will go well and some of this anxiety will be relieved once the day arrives.

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