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Cerclage(s!) December 26, 2012

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It’s pretty hard to type while laying as flat as possible at all times. Today is Day 4 of bed rest, and since out of a team of 6 OBs mine was the only one who thought “full” bed rest was required past Day 2, I’m taking some liberties today – just a few, a few hours sitting slightly reclined instead of laying flat, and an extra trip downstairs. And so I give you an actual update post.

The surgery went well Saturday, after a fairly excruciating 3 hour delay that involved my being hooked up unnecessarily to an IV and thus laying flat in bed before the procedure even started, not to mention not having eaten all day. That is really the worst thing that happened though, so I can’t complain much. The anesthesiologist came in and said given the procedure and my Lovenox shots, he’d be more comfortable doing monitored IV sedation (a version of general anesthesia that does not require intubation) than spinal anesthesia. I nearly leapt out of the bed with joy. Apparently the downside of this is that my doctor would have to put up with more involuntary movements, which she had no trouble with. Added upside: this meant I was asleep for the entirety of the procedure.

The whole thing took about 45 minutes once I was wheeled in, and the doctor actually put in two cerclages and was very happy with the placement she was able to get. My biggest surprise was that it hurt. Like, a fair amount. The doctors have all downplayed this procedure so much, oh it’s no big deal, it barely even counts as a surgery, that I didn’t realize how much pain I would have afterwards, and that was fairly alarming particularly considering my contractions with Amy felt just like bad cramping. So to anyone getting a cerclage, I’d say, just be warned. It’s not horrible, and they give you drugs, but I was in a decent amount of pain for all of the first day. By the second day, I had no pain when laying in bed, but would have a fair amount of cramping anytime I got up or moved around. Today is really the first day I haven’t had any pain at all to speak of.

So we go back Friday for our ultrasound to make sure it’s all good in there, and then I am a free woman again!

And a strange thing about the hospital. I am pretty sure every single hospital employee we spoke with while there, from check-in desk to nurses to anesthesiologists, every single one asked me, “is this your first?” And I wanted to be like, well, obviously not, right, or I wouldn’t be here. Because if a woman comes in for a preventative cerclage, there’s only one reason – she has a dead baby. A second trimester loss is literally the only reason that a doctor would place a cerclage on a woman preventatively. And while I can excuse the check-in desk shouldn’t the nursing staff maybe be aware of that? Or just, I don’t know, not ask that question in general? So, no, this isn’t our first, but we’re hoping like hell that by doing this we get to bring the second one home.


One Response to “Cerclage(s!)”

  1. jenny Says:

    sometimes you gotta wonder. in the pre-op prep for my second missed miscarriage d&c, the nurse asked, “are you currently pregnant?”

    big hugs & much love.

    – knitofmandamus

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