Elegy for Amy

15w3d December 31, 2012

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Let me tell you a little bit about NewBaby, whose nickname has been changed to FlailBaby (and who actually has, I think, a real name already but we’re still testing it out).

FlailBaby, they’re pretty sure, is a boy. Our son. We’re having a son. And I didn’t know it was possible so soon, but he appears to be the spitting image of his father. Right down to the nose, which we got a close-up profile shot of that could be an ultrasound of Dan’s profile as easily as this baby’s.

FlailBaby never stops moving, hence the new nickname. We went in for our 9 week ultrasound, when the baby is kind of baby shaped but the size of a kidney bean, and the tech kept saying, “look how much it’s moving!” But it didn’t look like much, then. We went for our 12 week ultrasound, and before the wand was even all the way down on my stomach, we see this BABY. Bucking wildly, every which way. Dance party of one, in my uterus. Watching him, it was hard to believe I couldn’t feel this yet. About a week later, I started feeling little flutters, the faintest tap dance across my entire abdomen, the kind of movement you might expect to feel if your child’s main pastime is gyrating his entire body wildly. Then two weeks after that, 15 weeks, another ultrasound. He’s getting more crowded in there, but still flailing around, nonstop. The ultrasound tech, “did you eat something sweet? Orange juice? Are you SURE?”

I mentioned all of this to Dan’s mom, who told me that Dan flailed around so much in the womb that he would actually knock her off-balance.

And FlailBaby, hilariously flailing FlailBaby, is loooong. His organs and important bits all measure normally. His arm and leg bones, however, are measuring more than a week ahead. His father is 6’7″. This is what happens when you procreate with giants, I assume. As I eye Dan’s enormous head warily. His father was born weighing 10 pounds. And suddenly I’m kind of glad that 38 weeks is the longest they’ll let me go…

And he’s ours. We already love him fiercely. Strange how it fills a hole while also making us ever more aware of what’s missing.


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