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Benched February 23, 2013

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Well, it happened. Bedrest! Fun!

Things are still okay. Really, WE’RE OKAY. Not bad, just not good, either. Neutral. I hesitate to write this post because I’m sure it will freak some of you out so I just want to assure you that our doctors are NOT freaked out, no one is alarmed and no one is talking early delivery. This is an overly cautious measure.

23 week ultrasound yesterday. The day I was hospitalized in labor with Amy. I was terrified, but last week’s power cervical length had me actually believing that we would get another “looks great” and be on our way to viability. We did not get a “looks great.” Or actually, we did get a “looks great,” and then we got a “hold on, let me see what the doctor thinks about this.”

My cervix is still closed, and it is still very long, more than 4 cm, but it is also doing something called funneling which means it is beginning to change. It opens a small amount at the top and then closes back up (so when the tech said, looks great, it was closed, and then she saw it start opening). This is a relatively common thing, in fact once you are in the third trimester it’s an expected thing, and it’s not alarming because of two things: 1)even with the funneling, at its shortest my cervix is still measuring 3.6 cm which is plenty of length. At 24 weeks anything over 2.5 cm is great, so 3.6 cm is still overachieving. And 2) it is not funneling all the way to the cerclage, which means the cerclage is NOT currently stopping it from opening, the cervix is holding up that amount of length on its own, which is great. But obviously no funneling would be better.

But I DO have the cerclage, and my cervix is still long and closed, so none of the doctors are worried about imminent delivery but they want to be, in their words, “overly cautious given [my] history.” So I’m on partial bedrest for the week until my next check on Friday, and 3 days of a drug called Indocin which is technically an anti-contraction med but has a side effect of lowering the volume of amniotic fluid, which they feel will relieve some of the pressure on my cervix. They said in these cases the common path is that this will resolve the funneling for now, I’ll be fine for another week or 2 or 3, then they’ll see some again and we’ll lather, rinse, repeat, preventatively. That sucks, but occasional preventative partial bedrest is 1000 times better than 20 weeks of full or hospital bedrest in imminent danger, and infinitely better than, you know, the other alternative. They are still talking about a full-term pregnancy in everything they say, which is good indeed.

But, given my history, and given that I am only 23 weeks, this also tells the doctors pretty much 100% that I have incompetent cervix, so kudos to them for making the right call in a field of fairly ambiguous evidence. If I didn’t already have a cerclage, they’d be putting one in based on this, so I am glad we listened to them and opted to get it early – it’s given us a lot of extra peace of mind in the interim and there would be a much bigger risk to baby now than there was then.


2 Responses to “Benched”

  1. tracy Says:

    I know this is scary but also, like you said, very preventative. So glad that you have cautious and careful doctors! My bedrest was always preventative and, like I said, never had any truly “real” scares. So, enjoy the bedrest and try to stay positive about it. Making it to 23 without any, in my humble opinion, is awesome and so even if it is just a week of it, keep your mind in the right place about it.

    Thanks for the update! Watch lots of TV and enjoy packed lunches or someone bringing you food. It’s aggravating to not be independent but it will be the only time in your life from here on out where you will be taken care of like this by your loved ones. (random question: did doctors suggest anything about showers? every day or every other day? were they concerned at all about that time on your feet? Just curious to compare notes from different doctors, especially since yours seem reasonable but also careful).

  2. Emily Says:

    Tips for bed rest from the pro:

    1) Get a TV series to watch that you either have watched before and LOVED or have never watched but which has been recommended. 2) Ensure you have a laptop, phone, and TV remote within reach. 3) Buy some or pull out all your most comfortable stretchy clothes and make sure you get dressed every morning. 3) DRINK A LOT of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies. These will help keep you ‘regular’. Pregnancy alone can slow down digestion and bed rest makes this worse. 4) Try to keep to a regular schedule. Wake up around the same time and try not to nap TOO much during the day and go to bed around the same time every night. Let in the sunshine during the day. It helps to avoid the days all blending together. 5) If you haven’t found it already, there is a bed rest board on babycenter. It’s always nice to ‘talk’ to others who are currently going through the same things, and often people who’ve ‘graduated’ will come back and show off their living, healthy and (hopefully!!!) full term babies…which is a good motivator!

    Wishing you the best of luck. Hope things continue to stay uneventful!

    P.S. You sound very calm in your post…but if you are freaking out (even just a little) that’s okay too!

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