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27w6d March 28, 2013

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I’m going to jump the gun here and celebrate today, even though I should wait until tomorrow. We have reached real, actual, legitimate viability. 28 weeks tomorrow and suddenly I am starting to worry about delivering a full-sized baby and Dan is starting to worry about what we’re going to do with a tiny human when we get him home, because these are things we can think about now that he is legitimately viable. Not on technicality, not just barely, not “he’d probably make it but he’d probably have serious neurological deficits” – in all likelihood he would be just fine, from here on out.

My relief is like a palpable thing, visible in my mood and every choice I make, suddenly it doesn’t seem like the only thing between this baby and certain death is my extraordinarily incompetent cervix, and I am relaxing by the hour. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when we get to 32 weeks. 34. 36. When, because it’s starting to feel a lot more like when and a lot less like oh-god-i-hope-and-hope. We’ll see at our next check next week, really.

And I know that every day has stretched on like an eternity. I know that I have been miserable, and scared, and at times kind of desperate to just sleep through it all, but now I can’t believe we are already here. I’ve been on bed rest of some kind for a month but it seems like just yesterday when I hit the 2nd trimester and started freaking out on a semi-daily basis. It’s forever while it’s happening and then it’s over and it’s just a blip on the radar, and we’re not even done yet, but we’re at 28 weeks. The magic 28 weeks. Where things really start looking up.


2 Responses to “27w6d”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Yes, congratulations! Isn’t it surprising how blissful 28 weeks feels? While you’ll still feel moments (or minutes or hours…) of anxiety and worry, it’s just a milestone that needs to be passed so that you can breathe deeply again. Continue to take it easy and enjoy some internet shopping as you prepare for your baby coming home! Drink lots and lots of water…I know you know this but it’s shocking how much water you should be consuming even when you are on partial bedrest. I had one of those tea gallon jugs with the spigot off the front right by my bed. It was a good visual reminder of how much water I was actually consuming during the day. That setup only occurred after I had contractions that were stopped with fluid and pain relievers to calm me down. I couldn’t believe that I could possibly not be drinking enough water prior to then but then after, having the big gallon “tank” next to me, I made sure to drink a gallon within a 24 hour period. Seemed to do the trick!

  2. thererfour Says:

    30 wks is just 2 weeks away! Congrats. Been Praying for you!

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