Elegy for Amy

38w2d June 9, 2013

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We’re officially living in some kind of weird twilight zone where my cervix is remarkably competent. If this was my pregnancy with Amy, I would have been induced two days ago. But protocols for my clotting disorder have changed, so we get a few extra days, and somehow the old incompetent cervix is still hanging in there. No change at all from 37 weeks, though I am “very favorable” for induction. I really can’t believe that after so many months of trying to avoid preterm labor, we’re now going to have to coax this kid out at 38w5d.

I am extremely pregnant. Which means I am extremely uncomfortable, and extremely cranky about it. And just when I get to my crankiest, I think about how crazy it is that we were never supposed to get anywhere close to this point, and how wonderful it is for our son. Not premature, or “pretty much full-term” or barely full-term, he’s a solidly full-term baby. A big one! Ultrasound guesstimate was 8 pounds, so closer to 8.5 pounds by Wednesday. I know it can be off, but I doubt it’s off by a whole lot considering the regularity with which we’ve gotten growth scans.

I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore. And I can’t wait to meet our little boy.


JUNE June 1, 2013

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The trash collectors woke me up this morning, and I remembered that we have to decide by July 1 if we want to pick a new trash company or not. July 1 is a ways off. Except then I realized, today is the first day of June. I’m due June 21st, and I’m being induced June 12th, and today is June 1st which means no matter what, I am having a June baby. A full-term June baby.

I could just type “full-term June baby” 100 times and this post would maybe express a fraction of the joy, relief, excitement, and miracle that this feels like.

Yesterday I turned 37 weeks, which is considered full-term (though an average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks and that is what my due date is, anything between 37-42 weeks is considered full-term by the medical community). The odds of our making it here were stacked against us, though why I should be surprised that we came out on the smaller side of odds is a mystery to me. Had another appointment yesterday and I’m up to 3 cm, but again they said that’s a normal range for 37 weeks and that they see no reason to assume I won’t make it to my induction.

Which was another shocking phone call I got this week. A voice mail from my OB’s nurse, letting me know that they’d put me on the induction schedule for June 12th. The baby who wasn’t supposed to be able to even get to full-term has made it long enough that I’m on the induction schedule because of my clotting issues. I’ll be 38.5 weeks then. Listening to that phone call was one of the more surreal moments of this pregnancy; it feels like we accomplished the impossible and the real winner in all of that is of course our son. Who definitely won’t be a preemie. Who weighs nearly 7 pounds now.

We’re having a full-term baby in June.