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Levi Right Now August 29, 2014

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I realized I never post a lot of details about Levi. He’s 14.5 months old now, and of course we think he is the world’s best little guy. Here is what he’s up to right now:

10633316_10100521804770899_2284549607598949704_oHe loves to giggle. He giggles at everything. You can make him giggle just by giggling at him, or by showing him, well, anything, and he giggles the whole time he’s cruising or crawling. One of his favorite games is to duck down behind something, then pop back up to surprise you and giggle for a full minute.

One of his other favorite games right now is throwing things away. Everything must be thrown away. Especially tissues – not, like, used tissues, but the ones still in the box. He grabs the top one, very meticulously crumples it up, then slowly walks over and throws it in the trash, then comes back over to the tissue box anew. Fun variation on this game – first tear the tissue into ten small pieces, then gather them up and meticulously crumple into the ball to throw away.

He is not walking – he refuses to walk! He is shockingly good at walking and will walk anywhere holding your hand, on which he puts absolutely no weight because he can, in fact, walk. (We’ve seen him do it accidentally.) And he loves to walk! But he will not do it unsupported; I guess he is terrified of falling from his ridiculous height.

He is huge and frequently mistaken for a bashful three-year-old when we are shopping together. It’s kind of funny, but also I feel a little bad for the awkwardness that ensues. I have gotten great at my pat response to their shock, though, “oh, yeah, his dad’s a giant.” He’s wearing size 3T in most brands.

He has 12 teeth and is working on #13, much to his chagrin. His favorite foods right now are anything served to him on his own plate with his own fork – using utensils is the best and can trick him into eating things he doesn’t particularly like (such as any and all meats that are not bacon or hot dogs). But he loves fruits and raw vegetables, not a bad nutritional habit for a toddler.

And as messy and challenging as it can be, he’s easily our favorite person in the whole world.




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